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Plugins I use to secure my WordPress install

12 Jan

A couple of my posts have reached thousands of users. Lately, my iPhone 5 to Nexus 4 switch got republished by GIZMODO, picked up by ReadWriteWeb and CNET News.

With increased popularity comes increased risk.

Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Malware Scannerrottmann.net, formerly 24100.net, runs on the most current version of WordPress. However, it’s not a fresh install. Instead, I started the site quite a few years ago, so the current version is one of many updates I’ve applied over those years.

Recently, some of my audience over on Google+ pointed out, that their AVG ThreatLab based anti virus tool flagged rottmann.net as potentially infected with a backdoor virus. Interestingly, though Google’s Safe Browsing diagnostic page did not indicate any issues (and still does not), they were right. My in-depth checks with Sucuri’s SiteCheck indicated quite a couple of JavaScript and PHP files, that had been altered.

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5 Tips on Getting Started with the Thesis WordPress Theme

27 May

Having tried many other WordPress themes for 24100.net before, I absolutely fell in love with Thesis. Thesis is a professional theme created by DIY Themes which comes with built-in search engine optimization (no additional plug-ins needed), a unique approach for customization and fantastic customer support.

Prior to switching to Thesis I’ve been using a design provided by WooThemes. It also worked like a charm but adding social media features without breaking the advanced theme design ultimately got more and more difficult. So I’ve decided to give Thesis a try. And I fell in love.

Thesis is not free. But it’s well worth your money.

This article covers tips from my ongoing journey of customizing Thesis the way I want.

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Changing 24100.NET's Design

19 May

We are currently working on the design of 24100.NET in order to streamline it for faster browsing. If you’re not reading this with your feed reader you might see some quirks while 24100.NET is undergoing maintenance. Sorry!

I’ve chosen to try an entirely new WordPress Theme as it got more and more difficult with the previous theme to include Web 2.0/Social Media features. Having conducted quite some extensive research, I found the Theses theme (created by DIYTHEMES) a wonderful alternative to every other WordPress theme I’ve ever used.

The site will also get a new logo, my designer is still working on it!

While you’re here you might want to try out the new Google Friend Connect integration. Find the “Join this site” link in the Community section to the left. You can log in via your GMail account and start submitting comments and participate in future community services.

I’m planning to have the redesigned finished this next Sunday. Your comments are more than appreciated!

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