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Making Ghost available beyond localhost

12 Jul

Since many years, I’m using WordPress for my blogs and even some sites. As many other bloggers, I’ve ended up in a love/hate relationship with the software.

When John O’Nolan announced Ghost, a new kind of blogging platform, I immediately jumped over to Kickstarter and chose the VIP package.

Today, the Ghost folks shipped the first version, they call it an “alpha of an alpha”.

Ghost is built on top of Node.js and Express. The default configuration binds to the loopback interface ( which makes it available only to localhost. So even if you try or something, it won’t work.

In case you want to make your Ghost deployment available to other hosts on your network or even publicly, make sure you change the binding in config.js inside Ghost’s root directory and restart Node:

While this is not at all Ghost specific, I thought it might help users new to Ghost and without any Node specific experience.

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