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The Open Web Report

10 Nov

I long wanted to do this. Over at The Open Web Report, we’re bringing together some fantastic authors who share one passion: They all love the Open Web! The Open Web Report will be all about the Open Web. The social Web. A connected audience. Sharing and consuming. From the World’s fanciest new Internet Startups […]

MLOVE 2010: It’s all about the people

25 Jun

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been extremely lucky to attend the MLOVE ConFestival. There’s much one can say about this outstanding, extraordinary event and I likely will. Later, once I had a chance to digest all the good stuff. For now, there’s one common theme, that crosses my mind again and again, when […]

The Bees Awards: First International Social Media Award Show, San Francisco November 9th, 2010

02 Jun

I’m proud to serve as a Jury member for the initial iteration of The Bees Awards, the first International Social Media Award Show. One-fifth of the planet’s population is active on social media platforms. The Bees Awards will showcase how companies make the best use of new communication tools. This prestigious event will be held […]

Dropbox introduces Selective Sync!

28 May

Probably the most anticipated enhancement to Dropbox, my most favorite cross-platform / cross-device file syncing service, is now available in a new experimental build for all major operating systems: Selective Sync! In a nutshell, Dropbox has been the best performing, most streamlined files/folders syncing and backup service available in the cloud for quite a while. […]

Manually update your Nexus One to Android 2.2 Froyo

24 May

According to last week’s Google I/O we have expected the much acclaimed Android 2.2 update, neatly codenamed “Froyo”, to roll-out to our devices in late June. While Google has now confirmed that the launch phase already started, chances are, you are not one of the lucky ones serviced first. Originally discovered by phandroid there is, […]

iPhone Entwicklung made in Germany

21 Apr

Heute ist sie live gegangen, die neue Homepage der GrandCentrix GmbH. Alles rund ums Thema Mobile Solutions, Smartphone Entwicklung, iPhone und iPad Entwicklung findet sich jetzt unter einem Dach. Neuigkeiten aus der Smartphone Szene in Deutscher Sprache werde ich zukünftig im eigens dafür vorgesehenen Bereich unserer Unternehmenspräsenz bloggen. Im Mai geht die internationale Version live. Wir […]

How to reset the iPhone OS 4.0 (beta) home screen wallpaper

09 Apr

Those of you who installed the first iPhone OS 4.0 beta released just yesterday, might have changed the home screen wallpaper. One can do so via Settings > Wallpaper. Unfortunately, the nice silver metal rain drops sprinkled default wallpaper that comes with iPhone OS 4.0 beta is not yet available as a photo in the […] Visit our Chatroulette Script Labs!

22 Mar

A quick one: We are pretty happy that as the providers of the original, first and genuine Chatroulette Script/Chatroulette Clone in the market, we got the official domain. With our store available at, we’ve decided to put our labs to Starting today, the pro site will always showcase the latest development version, […]

Red5 support for Chatroulette Clone

19 Mar

It’s been little more than ten days, since we’ve release the very first Chatroulette Clone (aka Chatroulette Script) version. Since the initial release, we’ve shipped six minor updates, addressing many optimizations opportunities and selected feature requests handed in by customers. Our Chatroulette Clone now supports automatic reconnects (“auto next”), multiple languages including runtime-customization options and […]

Chatroulette Script

16 Mar

WARNING: We recently learned, that others illegally started to sell our very popular Chatroulette Script/Chatroulette Clone solution, though our license explicitly prohibits any form of resell. While we are feeling honored that copycats obviously do want to participate from our success, we are evaluating legal actions against all forms of intellectual property theft. A very […]

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