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Making Ghost available beyond localhost

12 Jul

Today, the first alpha of Ghost shipped. Here is a quick tip for making it available beyond localhost.

Launch iTerm 2 on startup without opening a terminal window

14 Mar

iTerm 2 is the best Terminal replacement for Mac OS X. As somebody, spending most of his time on the console, I set up the Hotkey window so it opens fullscreen on my MacBook Air and fills half of the screen in my iMac. Obviously, I added iTerm 2 to the Login Items in Users […]

How to stop posting public Google+ Communities posts to your profile

06 Mar

I cannot believe I did not know this.

Ever since Google+ Communities became available, people complained about their Community posts automatically popping up on their profiles, too. This has been the default for public Communities. In fact, many Community owners on finding this out killed their public Communities and started over doing private ones.

Setting Gmail as default mailto link handler in Chrome 24+

26 Jan

I’m a Gmail addict. We run our company email on it. All my personal mail has been based on it for years. Lately, I got annoyed that whenever clicking a mailto: link anywhere on the Web, Apple Mail launched. Now, Apple Mail likely is the worst email client ever written and – frankly – using […]

Using instant Gmail aliases to track sources of inbox spam

15 Jan

It is a surprisingly little known fact that Gmail and Google Apps for Businesses customers can use instant aliases to better track potential spam mail originating from singing up for (free) services. Tweet It is a surprisingly little known fact that Gmail and Google Apps for Businesses customers can use instant aliases to better track […]

Plugins I use to secure my WordPress install

12 Jan

A couple of my posts have reached thousands of users. Lately, my iPhone 5 to Nexus 4 switch got republished by GIZMODO, picked up by ReadWriteWeb and CNET News. With increased popularity comes increased risk., formerly, runs on the most current version of WordPress. However, it’s not a fresh install. Instead, I started […]

Run Wireshark on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

19 Jul

Apple has removed X11 from the Mountain Lion distribution. If you were running Wireshark on Lion and upgraded to Mountain Lion, or installed Wireshark on a fresh copy of Mountain Lion, it will no longer run. You can bring it back by following these steps: Uninstall Wireshark by trashing the bundle from your ~/Applications […]

How to fix the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 wifi network issue

09 Feb

Today, for the first time, I got really angry with Apple. I’ve been a longtime Apple fanboy. I love the company, its culture and stopped counting the Apple devices around my house when I reached a number higher than ten. :) Today, while being in the office, I installed the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 […]

Downloading building43 videos

14 Jun

Earlier this week Robert Scoble launched his much anticipated new site building43. Building43 aims at helping “traditional” businesses understand the impact of emerging Web technologies and the behavioral changes driven by these. The web is growing so incredibly fast — it’s so dynamic and has so many new tools. Keeping up with the web and […]

In case your Facebook FriendFeed application stopped posting to your Wall

13 Jun

One of the applications I’m using over at Facebook is FriendFeed. Besides the ability to show your livestream in a profile box, it automatically cross posts FriendFeed content to your Facebook Wall, thus driving more traffic to your relevant content. I’ve noticed that occasionally the FriendFeed application stopped working. Not entirely, but it stopped publishing […]

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