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How to find people on Google+: A brief update on Google+ Counter

28 Aug

It’s only been some four weeks, since I started Google+ Counter. Initially, I just wanted to play with some  advanced web technologies, sort of a proof-of-concept project. Even in my wildest dreams, I wouldn’t have expected it to become only half as popular, as it already has: is now visited more than 75.000 times a […]

Popular Google+ user lists on

05 Aug

A few days ago, I’ve launched the lists feature at Google+ Counter. Within the first week, users have created more than 1.200 lists – way more, than I ever expected in my wildest dreams. And the number keeps growing. So, what are Google+ Counter lists? In short, provides you with an easy and elegant […]

A brief update on Google Plus Counter (

30 Jul

When I started creating Google Plus Counter, I didn’t expect it to become only half as popular as it already did. Here’s a brief update on stuff that I’m currently working on: It’s kind of strange to see many lists lead by Google+ members, who actually never said anything publicly. The most prominent example being […]

The story behind Google+ Counter, now tracking 30.000+ members

16 Jul

When Google+ launched and I got one of the early invites some two weeks ago, I was pretty damn excited. Not only is Google+ a welcome other place on the Web to hang out – no pun intended –  I was also looking forward to start some coding I had in mind for longer. I […]

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