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29 May

In an attempt to keep meta information as short as possible and leave more room for content, I’ve renamed my Twitter account to 24z. You don’t have to do anything. If you followed me @ralfrottmann before, you keep on following @24z automatically. My “old” account is still there so that links in some older posts […]

Help finding the new 24100.NET logo!

27 May

As stated earlier, we are currently looking for a new logo for 24100.NET. We would love to get you involved. So today we ask for a little help from your side: Here is a variety of logos that we like. At the end of this article you’ll find a survey form. Please select the number of […]

Changing 24100.NET's Design

19 May

We are currently working on the design of 24100.NET in order to streamline it for faster browsing. If you’re not reading this with your feed reader you might see some quirks while 24100.NET is undergoing maintenance. Sorry!

Bootstrapping, continued!

24 Apr

(You might want to follow me on twitter for my Microblogging updates!)  The recent weeks have been like a roller coaster ride! While the global economic situation is not exactly ideal to jump into a new venture, bootstrapping GrandCentrix has been so much fun so far. I’ve been talking a bit about how easy it […]

Annemarie Eilfeld performs Purple Rain

19 Apr

In the 6th “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” theme show (the German version of Pop Idol) Annemarie Eilfeld performed Purple Rain. While the official jury did not like it – most likely because Annemarie’s raising popularity increasingly endangers main juror Dieter Bohlen’s favorite participant – the German audience voted pro Annemarie. You might want to listen […]

Bootstrapping in 2009

02 Apr

Just a quick note: I love bootstrapping a start-up in 2009. All the routine tasks have just gotten so easy. SIP based telephony, Skype and Skype group chat for business partners that are distributed across the globe, Dropbox based file servers with integrated backup, local sync and automagic versioning, hosted Microsoft Exchange with iPhone push mail […]

GrandCentrix is coming

27 Mar

Those of you who know me, knew. I cannot yet talk about all the juicy details, but GrandCentrix is coming. We’ve worked hard for so long and we had to keep it secret for various reasons. But now it’s almost time to raise the curtain. We’re going to launch a few weeks from now. For the […] has moved… servers!

23 Mar

Last night, the world’s best web hosting company has moved the servers that run to a new data center. Readers might have experienced a roughly 60 minute downtime. I’ve got to admit that domainFACTORY did tell me about it 14 days in advance and I simply forgot to proactively tell you. I’m sorry. Well, […]

Returning from Call Center World

19 Feb

I’ve just returned from Berlin, where I’ve been attending Call Center World 2009. This was my tenth-or-so show and very likely my last one. A privilege of not being directly involved business-wise anymore this year allowed me to take a closer look of what the others do and have to offer. During all the past […]

Alltop mobile needs a search bar!

11 Feb

Well, the title says it all. I love as it gives immediate access to the most relevant content by categories. The mobile version does, however, need a search bar. Scrolling through 1000s of categories is not even fun on a touchy iPhone! :-) Mobile Blogging from here. Tweet Well, the title says it all. […]

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