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I joined SVBTLE

30 May

From the Svbtle homepage: “SVBTLE is a new kind of magazine. We’re a network of great people mixed with a platform that takes the best things from publishing and combines them with the best parts of the web. We want to make it easier for people to share and discover new ideas.” Find my SVBTLE contributions […]

Shame on you, copycat: Excelsis Business Solutions copies GrandCentrix website!

05 Jul

In late 2008, together with some friends I’ve known forever, I cofounded GrandCentrix. Within just two years, we’ve grown to one of the largest, iOS and Android focused mobile apps developers in Germany, servicing major brands. With, we’ve created a revolutionary iPad publishing platform, that not only coined the term “iPad publishing made easy” […]

MLOVE, I love you

03 Jul

MLOVE 2011 is over and somehow I wish, it could have lasted forever. Last year, my MLOVE post was titled “It’s all about the people“. This year, I struggled finding a headline, that would potentially express it even better. I couldn’t. MLOVE 2011 still was all about the people and hopefully that aspect will never […]

Help please, Leo Laporte is my only friend on DIASPORA!

28 Feb

There has been a lot of buzz about DIASPORA when it launched mid-September last year. The open source initiative aims to become a distributed Facebook competitor, or, in their own words, “the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network”. Wow, what a bold mission statement! I was lucky enough to get one of […]

The 2010 List of best known German Serial Entrepreneuers

02 Nov

I’m feeling honored that Germany’s renown Business Magazine WirtschaftsWoche added me to the 2010 List of best known German Serial Entrepreneurs. Starting your own venture, strongly believing in your ideas and working on it with a highly motivated team is what always drove me – and I admit, I’m somewhat addicted. I often hear: It […]

The Bees Awards: First International Social Media Award Show, San Francisco November 9th, 2010

02 Jun

I’m proud to serve as a Jury member for the initial iteration of The Bees Awards, the first International Social Media Award Show. One-fifth of the planet’s population is active on social media platforms. The Bees Awards will showcase how companies make the best use of new communication tools. This prestigious event will be held […]

Ten reasons why Android is not at all working for me.

30 Dec

On 26th November, 2009 I’ve started The Android Experiment as part of my work for The Next Web: Given my known addiction for All-Things-Apple and my fairly open bias when it comes to Android with all of its attributed iPhone killer potential, I decided to give Android a fair chance to win my heart. I […]

Getting in charge for The Next Web Germany

19 Nov

Today I’ve agreed to become the Editor for the German branch of The Next Web network: The Next Web Germany. I’ve long been an author for The Next Web International and occasionally contributed to the German blog, too. We all know that many of the really, really cool technology news originate from the US. Even […]

A brief update

01 Nov

My loyal readers have noticed that my updates here at slowed down a bit over the last couple of months. My last post is well over a month old. Here’s why: 1. Twitter kills the blogger star There’s no doubt that we are headed to the real-time web. More capable  mobile devices, a general […]

Busy times… sort of a personal update.

18 Jul

Never before my job has been so close to disruptive markets and technologies and I absolutely appreciate it. To me it’s a great privilege being able to deep dive into some of the most amazing new technologies that are currently available. Brainstorming ideas on how to leverage and take them to market with my peers […]

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