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I posted about the nonsense of agile fixed pricing

07 Jul

Over at SVBTLE, I posted about the nonsense of agile fixed pricing. Hope you’ll find it worth reading!


Hi there at Path, please get more responsive and fix your issues with Facebook.

11 Dec

Path 2.0, the smart journal app for iOS and Android phones has been praised a lot after its first complete reincarnation in late November. I also agree with everything Erik says about the app over on TechCrunch, rewarding it with two “Flys” (watch the video for the complete review). With more than $11.0M in funding […]

How to not get fooled by a social media expert con artist

14 May

Lately, I noticed a disturbing trend in the timelines of my various social media outlets: More and more German Social Media Experts pop up out of nowhere.

While I strongly believe that given the pretty short history of the Open Social Web, nobody really qualifies to hold an “expert” title just yet, it’s interesting to see how many folks are bluntly trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Careful: XYDO might just trick you in inviting your friends

04 Mar

XYDO is a pretty young news aggregation service that recently opened for beta. Signing up works pretty much like singing up works these days. You provide your email address, password and authorize with Twitter and Facebook. Next XYDO runs through your social graph and suggest friends to follow, who signed up too. But wait a […]

A quote about Google's Android

25 Nov

I recently stumbled across this quote somewhere on the AppleInsider website. I’ve got nothing to add, so here we go: “Google only wants to give phone makers and providers enough code to allow them to deliver their own customized, distinguished products so that it can continue its core business of selling ads and paid search […]

Calling Linus Torvalds to build a new social network aka Facebook acquires FriendFeed.

10 Aug

Today marks an important day in the short history of social networks or – as you might prefer to call it – the real-time web: Facebook announced the definitive agreement to acquire FriendFeed. As the FriendFeed founders have put it, they’ve accepted Facebook’s friend request. While the internet is a buzz about these breaking news, […]

Calling all Twitter tool providers to implement OAuth

01 Jun

OAuth has rightly gained lots of popularity these days and even given the current session fixation issues, I’m a strong fan of the delegated access control it promotes and helps implementing. One of the prominent service providers offering OAuth based authentication is… Twitter. As more and more people are using Twitter as a personal and professional […]

P2P Interview #10

01 Jun

I’ve recently had the pleasure to get interviewed by Laurent Francois (LinkedIn link), Head of 360° Digital Influence Hub at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. The interview has been published in English and French. Thank you Laurent and keep up the good work! Tweet I’ve recently had the pleasure to get interviewed by Laurent Francois (LinkedIn link), Head […]

What I'd like atebits to add to Tweetie

01 May

Tweetie for the iPhone (direct iTunes Link) and for the Mac are by far my two most favorite twitter clients. The Mac version that has been release just two weeks ago has replaced the Adobe AIR powered TweetDeck and besides some version 1.0 quirks I’m pretty happy with it. As atebits – the maker of both […]

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