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Watch the Facebook Mobile Event live stream

03 Nov

Last week Facebook invited the US blogosphere to a Mobile Event commencing on today (November 3rd) at 10:30 am California time, 18:30 CET. A couple of weeks before TechCrunch speculated we might see a Facebook Phone in the very near future. Facebook’s HQ denied the rumors so what we might end up seeing today is […]

Manually update your Nexus One to Android 2.2 Froyo

24 May

According to last week’s Google I/O we have expected the much acclaimed Android 2.2 update, neatly codenamed “Froyo”, to roll-out to our devices in late June. While Google has now confirmed that the launch phase already started, chances are, you are not one of the lucky ones serviced first. Originally discovered by phandroid there is, […]

Today is Palm Pre Launch Day

06 Jun

Over at The Next Web I’ve published an “extended executive summary” about everything you need to know about Palm’s new smartphone: The Palm Pre. The Palm Pre, which some people tout to become an “iPhone killer”, will not be immediately available in Europe as it does not support the GSM/UMTS standards, yet. But anyway, if […]

Nokia's Ovi Store launched (sort of)

26 May

Today Nokia has launched it’s response to Apple’s App Store, an event which has been eagerly expected by the industry. I’ve covered my first hand experience with the Ovi Store and more specifically how it relates to Apple’s offering over at The Next Web. Though I’ve got to admit being a bit biased, given that […]

Vodafone plans the Ueber-App-Store

12 May

(For latest thoughts follow me on twitter!) Today Vodafone announced plans to “Redefine the Mobile Internet Experience”. The essence of the announcement is in the first three paragraphs: Vodafone is to stimulate a new generation of mobile internet applications by providing internet service developers with a single point of access to Vodafone‚Äôs global customer base. […]

How are Apple Push Notifications implemented in the networks?

19 Mar

Over at the LinkedIn Mobilists group I’ve started a discussion related to Apple’s Push Notifications. How do Push Notifications actually work in the network? What did Apple do? Here is a blond guess: They use the existing SMS infrastructure. Intercept a special “type” of SMS on iPhone OS level (based on sender & message body) […]

App Store Dynamics (by Pinch Media)

17 Mar

Pinch Media published a cool presentation regarding App Store dynamics. Here it is: iPhone AppStore Secrets – Pinch MediaView more presentations from pinchmedia. Tweet

The role of speech on ultra-smart smartphones?

11 Mar

I’d like to get your opinion, so please do use the comment feature of my blog to respond! Nobody doubts that the landing of the iPhone on our planet serves as kind of a game changer for at least the smartphone business. A multitude of devices are already following the way Apple has paved and […]

BlackBerry tries to shoot Apple

27 Feb

It’s funny to see how RIM, the BlackBerry manufacturer, tries to shoot Apple in the new commercials they’ve started to publish: It’s good to see how Apple inspires the entire industry to think different. Tweet

App Store Valentine Special

06 Feb

Mark your calendars: German developers are discounting their leading apps up to 80%! Holger Frank, creator of the famous Mobile Butler application, is on a mission to promote German iPhone developers. So check out on Valentine’s Day and get the best German iPhone apps for less than anytime before! Tweet

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