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Unable to sign in for Hangouts with Google I/O 2013 Google+ upgrade

15 May

If you are a Google Apps for Businesses customer you might see a red error messaging stating “Unable to sign in :(” in the Hangouts sidebar, detailing: “Hangouts has not been enabled for your account. Please contact your administrator to enable this service.” To get rid of it, in the classical admin panel to to Settings […]

How to stop posting public Google+ Communities posts to your profile

06 Mar

I cannot believe I did not know this.

Ever since Google+ Communities became available, people complained about their Community posts automatically popping up on their profiles, too. This has been the default for public Communities. In fact, many Community owners on finding this out killed their public Communities and started over doing private ones.

Enable Google Now with Google Apps for Business account

19 Dec

I recently got my brand new Nexus 4 and it totally changed my opinion about Android (for the better). I couldn’t emphasize more how Samsung ruins the Jelly Bean experience with what it does to it on the S3 – but that’s a totally different story. In short: I start to fall in love with […]

Bookmark the correct Google+ account with Google multi sign-in

30 Nov

If you are like me, you might have multiple Google / Gmail / Google+ accounts. Google made things more complicated by initially deciding to force the use of accounts for Google+, leaving all Google Apps customers with custom domains out in the cold. In case your employer is a Google Enterprise Apps customer, you […]

Google+ vanity URLs are here – and they do not start with

05 Jul

It hasn’t taken long for some third parties to build services on top of Google’s new social network, Google+. The folks who brought us TwitterCounter, have started Google+ Statistics and somebody else offers the redirect service. From discussions I’ve followed over at the network I’ve learned, that some users initially thought, was an original Google […]

Confirmed: Google+ iOS app is awaiting approval from Apple!

04 Jul

Today, Google’s own Erica joy has confirmed, that the iOS app has in fact been submitted to Apple for review some time ago. It is now stuck in review and waiting for approval. Erica actually posted it to the public on the Google+ network itself: While her initial post related to the iPhone she clarified, […]

My two favorite Google I/O 2011 announcements and some other observations

13 May

Like many of my friends, I’ve been following Google I/O 2011 curiously earlier this week.

Much has been said about the event, but I cannot resist to add my thoughts about a few of the announcements and Google I/O in general.

Manually update your Nexus One to Android 2.2 Froyo

24 May

According to last week’s Google I/O we have expected the much acclaimed Android 2.2 update, neatly codenamed “Froyo”, to roll-out to our devices in late June. While Google has now confirmed that the launch phase already started, chances are, you are not one of the lucky ones serviced first. Originally discovered by phandroid there is, […]

Waiting for the Nexus One

06 Jan

Thanks to my friend Zee in the United Kingdom, my Nexus One is almost on its way. There seems to be no ‘Germany’ on Google’s Maps (did you notice the wordplay?). Anyway, the Nexus One will arrive unlocked and without a SIM Card very soon. The long wait has begun. Tweet Thanks to my friend […]

The blogosphere is a buzz about the Google Nexus One – but why?

03 Jan

Okay, a few days from now Google will officially start selling the Google Phone Nexus One. If you have not been living under a rock there’s absolutely no way you don’t know about it, yet. Otherwise, Engadget should bring you up to speed. That’s obviously also, where the image credit goes to. Here is my […]

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