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I’ve completely moved to social media

07 Jun

The world is moving on and I’ve decided to completely move my writing activities to social media. Most of my recent posts can be found on Medium. You might also want to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. I’m mostly keeping this blog to not break links elsewhere (think “archives”) and for the about […]

Hangout on Air: Following up on the Nexus 4 Switch

10 Jan

A follow-up interview regarding my iPhone 5 to Nexus 4 switch with Gunnar Sohn.

An iPhone lover’s confession: I switched to the Nexus 4. Completely.

03 Jan

My iPhone 5 switch to Nexus 4 that got republished by GIZMODO, covered by ReadWriteWeb and the Times and received more than 20.000 likes within the first 24 hours.

Running a clean install of Windows 8 Pro on your MacBook Air via Boot Camp including Trackpad support

27 Oct

Wondering why I chose such a terribly long headline? Well, there are many articles out there dealing with installing Windows 8 on MacBooks, however, most of them did not deal with exactly my situation. Before we move forward, you might want to follow me on Twitter for feedback and updates. Here is a brief checklist. […]

MLOVE 2010: It’s all about the people

25 Jun

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been extremely lucky to attend the MLOVE ConFestival. There’s much one can say about this outstanding, extraordinary event and I likely will. Later, once I had a chance to digest all the good stuff. For now, there’s one common theme, that crosses my mind again and again, when […]

One of my favorite games for the iPhone, now available for free!

17 Jun

Just a heads up that The App Dojo, an iPhone developer buddy of mine, will reduce the price for one of my favorite iPhone games to exactly zero very soon. If you’re like me an like the puzzle genre mixed with some action, go checkout SIZZ (iTunes Link). It should be free by the time […]

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