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Stay hungry, don’t stop learning

11 Feb

If I could only offer one piece of advice to a new web development student, it would be: “don’t worry; we all feel overwhelmed.” I’d then remind him or her that I, too, am still a student, and so are all of my peers. This industry is an incredibly tough one that requires constant continued education throughout your career. You better be okay with this truth.

You’ll never graduate. You’ll never know it all. But, if you love it enough, none of that will matter. In fact, you’ll crave education.

Misa Textures for Minecraft 1.4 Beta

01 Apr

If you haven’t been living under a rock and like casual gaming, you might be a Minecraft player, too. Recently, the game got updated to version 1.4. Now, the build-in textures are pretty basic. That’s why many players patch their Minecraft binaries to run with Misa’s 64 HD textures, a third party texture pack that […]

Why Carbonite on a Mac does not work for me

04 Nov

Off-site backup is important. Your place might burn down or your external hard drives might get stolen. There are a variety of services out there, which claim to provide affordable external backup through your broadband connection. I am using Dropbox for all my file syncing tasks, but Dropbox still lacks large storage sizes beyond 100 […]

That’s why social media matters in the service industry

27 Oct

Last week I visited Adobe’s online store to purchase a copy of their CS 5 Master Collection. It’s quite a pricy piece of software but taking into account the amount of really great application you get, I generally believe it’s good value for my money. As I had to do some work over the weekend, […]

The Great virtual Housekeeping

06 Jan

Find out what I’ve been doing during the seasonal holidays over at Any comment should go there, too! Tweet

Whom can we trust in this digital age?

27 Nov

The digital age raises numerous questions as towards the credibility of news, images, audio and video footage. I believe, I’ve found the universal answer. Turn up your speakers, switch to fullscreen and watch carefully: Tweet

A couple of weeks with the amazon kindle and I love it!

06 Nov

Living outside the US feels unfavorable when it comes to movie release dates, availability of international TV programs and more often than not new gadgets and software releases. When amazon announced the international availability of it’s much acclaimed ebook reader platform, the amazon kindle, I immediately ordered one. A couple of weeks later I’m deeply […]

Howard Rheingold on Essential Media Literacies.

20 Jul

Watch this cool 6-minute interview with Howard Rheingold. Howard is the man behind many things. His Smart Mobs blog is a must read for Social Media geeks! Tweet

Livescribe Pulse smartpen

11 Feb

Livescribe’s Pulse smartpen is a computer inside a pen. Not only does it record what you’re writing it also records the audio and links the two together. By tapping anywhere in your notes it replays exactly what has been said when you were writing the tapped part. Finally it allows you to seamlessly transfer your […]

bookworm comes to stanza

11 Feb

Bookworm is now under O’Reilly labs. Lightweight integration into the iPhone ebook reader Stanza allows you to take your favorite books with you, while you’re on the move.

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