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22 Mar

A quick one: We are pretty happy that as the providers of the original, first and genuine Chatroulette Script/Chatroulette Clone in the market, we got the official domain. With our store available at, we’ve decided to put our labs to Starting today, the pro site will always showcase the latest development version, […]

That's why I love developing stuff for the iPhone! Augmented reality APIs are coming.

25 Jul

A few years ago you would have seen stuff like this in Hollywood movies only. Well, it’ll be available soon. iPhone OS 3.1 is expected to be released in September. I’m really excited by the new opportunities this opens up for the iPhone developer community and playing with these 3.1 Beta 2 APIs is just […]

JSON Framework 2.2 for iPhone (and Cocoa) released

05 Jun

Stig Brautaset has released version 2.2 of the very popular JSON.framework for Cocoa and the iPhone. You can grab the .dmg or visit the project home over at Google Code. Here is the list of significant changes compared to version 2.1, copied 1:1 for your reading convenience courtesy of Stig’s blog post: New, fresh API—particularly for errors […]

5 Tips on Getting Started with the Thesis WordPress Theme

27 May

Having tried many other WordPress themes for before, I absolutely fell in love with Thesis. Thesis is a professional theme created by DIY Themes which comes with built-in search engine optimization (no additional plug-ins needed), a unique approach for customization and fantastic customer support. Prior to switching to Thesis I’ve been using a design […]

PhoneGap and iPhone SDK 3.0 (No launchable executable present at path)

13 May

Today one of our devs grabbed a fresh and clean copy of PhoneGap from GitHub and yielded a “No launchable executable present at path” for an executable named “”. A quick search over at the PhoneGap Google Groups indicated that quite a few folks ran into this or similar issues.

German iPhone Dev Tutorial cont'd

20 Mar

Over at the third installment of my (German) iPhone development tutorial has been published. In case you’ve always wanted to learn programing the iPhone but prefer a course in German, you might want to check it out. Tweet Over at the third installment of my (German) iPhone development tutorial has been published. In […]

Building 2.x apps on iPhone OS 3.0 beta

18 Mar

Quick note: If you wonder whether you can run/test iPhone 2.x apps on a device upgraded to the current 3.0 beta, I’d say you can. I’ve upgraded one of our 2G models from 2.0 to 3.0 beta. Rebuilding our projects with the updated SDK and Xcode with a “Device 2.2 – Release” configuration worked like […]

Jeff LaMarche's SQLPO Presentation

03 Mar

The fantastic Jeff LaMarche today gave a great presentation about SQLPO as part of 360 iDev. He published the original Keynote ’09 presentation on his blog. As some of you might not have the latest version of Keynote, I’ve converted the presentation to the PDF format including the speaker notes. Grab the download here. I’m […]

Second part of German iPhone Dev series

25 Feb

Over at – which moved to new infrastructure and a new domain ( due to the increasing number of readers – I’ve published the second installment of the German Introduction to iPhone Development. Go check it out! Tweet Over at – which moved to new infrastructure and a new domain ( due to […]

Solving: Internal error occurred while creating dependency graph: ASSERTION FAILURE

23 Feb

As a regular 24100.NET reader you’ve come to know the Dev Quick Tips category. Here is my latest note-to-self contribution: If I stumble into “Internal error occurred while creating dependency graph: ASSERTION FAILURE” code sign errors when I build an iPhone project for the device, here’s what to do: Close Xcode. Reopen my project. Go […]

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