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App Engine Modules and Go / Golang

21 Mar

Update: If you’re primarily interested into separating module code into its own, distinct Go compiled binaries and packages, you might want to follow along the discussion on Google+. Recently Google deprecated App Engine Backends in favour of Modules. In my case, I want to use Modules to bundle indefinitely running processes responsible for frequently persisting data […]

GoSublime code completion for App Engine and Go

16 Feb

Go is a fascinating “new” language. I’m doing most of my Go development in Sublime Text 2 using the superb GoSublime package for code completion and many more IDE like features. One thing that bothered me for a long time, though, was that I could not get code completion working for Google’s App Engine packages. […]

CakePHP hasAndBelongsToMany relationship queries demystified (HABTM, Contained, Pagination and more)

29 Jul

Introduction CakePHP is a pretty powerful development php framework. If you are like me, you understand that Ruby on Rails is way cooler these days, but do not feel ashamed to admit you’re coding in PHP because sometimes it just gets the job done faster. And without being less elegant if you’re using the right […]

Finding a memory leak with Xcode 4 Instruments

25 May

Over at the fantastic Facebook iOS Developers group, we had a discussion yielding 40+ comments about a memory leak and how to detect it with Instruments.

Ignore ringtone mute switch during MPMoviePlayer video playback in iOS

24 May

Recently I stumbled across an issue in one of the apps we are creating over at GrandCentrix: When playing back video using the MPMoviePlayer framework, the ringtone mute switch switches off all audio.

This default behavior is significantly different from the one iOS users learned from the built-in YouTube app.

TestFlight and In House / Enterprise IPA support

24 Mar

If you’re an iOS developer and haven’t been living under a rock, you might already love TestFlight. In short, TestFlight dramatically simplifies the entire process of sending out test builds to your customers, partners and colleagues. Not only that, it also provides fantastic means of tracking installs and collecting feedback. If you really do not […]

Calling all iOS devs: Join our Facebook group!

08 Mar

This is a pretty short post. A couple of months ago, on the day Facebook introduced its new Groups, I’ve started the iOS Developers community over there. For me, it has now become a very valuable source to get in touch with fellow iOS developer peers from all over the world. We’ve also started to […]

This easily is the best iOS TableView framework I've ever seen!

24 Feb

To say I’ve seen many frameworks and projects that are supposed to make an iOS developer’s life easier is a bit understated. Now that my company has become the largest iOS focused development shop here in Germany, I guess – like many others – we constantly strive to optimize our workflow. Not sticking to the […]

Apple’s latest Push Notification certificate changes demystified

10 Dec

This week, all iOS Developers received an email from Apple, stating: “On December 22, 2010, the production Apple Push Notification service will begin to use a 2048-bit TLS/SSL certificate that provides a more secure connection between your provider server and the Apple Push Notification service. To ensure you can continue to validate your server’s connection […]

No Repository Type Git in Xcode 4 Developer Preview? Here is the solution!

29 Jun

Besides all the iOS 4.0 hype and the fantastic new iPhone, what really made my day is the forthcoming new version of Apple’s IDE: Xcode 4. After all, WWDC is a Developer Conference. Innovating the essentials tools we all work with daily, is as big a part of what we should have come to expect, […]

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