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12 Aug

If you are addicted to Social Media and haven’t spent the last couple of weeks behind a rock, you sure have heard about I’m @ralf there, the same as on Twitter. In started with a blog post from well-known Dalton Caldwell, promoting the idea of an ads free, developer friendly social platform. While for […]

One of my favorite games for the iPhone, now available for free!

17 Jun

Just a heads up that The App Dojo, an iPhone developer buddy of mine, will reduce the price for one of my favorite iPhone games to exactly zero very soon. If you’re like me an like the puzzle genre mixed with some action, go checkout SIZZ (iTunes Link). It should be free by the time […]

Dropbox introduces Selective Sync!

28 May

Probably the most anticipated enhancement to Dropbox, my most favorite cross-platform / cross-device file syncing service, is now available in a new experimental build for all major operating systems: Selective Sync! In a nutshell, Dropbox has been the best performing, most streamlined files/folders syncing and backup service available in the cloud for quite a while. […]

Need a pharmacy that's open 24 hours? There's an app for that.

25 Jul

Have you ever been in urgent need for a pharmacy that’s open 24 hours to get a drug? iPhone and iPod touch owners in Germany don’t have to worry anymore: Apotheken – the German word for pharmacy – is now available via the iTunes App Store. Grab your copy here! [link opens iTunes] While the […]

Impressive first release: TweetDeck for the iPhone

17 Jun

Yesterday was Twitter day – sort of. By the way: Why don’t you follow me @24z? The service once more went down for a scheduled maintenance but as a compensation we got a couple of major updated Twitter clients: Sessmic DESKTOP, TweetDeck and TweetDeck for the iPhone. I’ll cover the new iPhone release here and […]

Why I stay with Tweetie

08 May

Word is out: Yesterday the iPhone developer scene’s well known Iconfactory released the long awaited Twitterrific Version 2.0. Twitterrific has long been by far the most capable and well implemented twitter client available on the iPhone. Craig Hockenberry, one of the key minds behind Twitterrific, has received some great attention for the initial version. It […]

Watch out the App Store for SIZZ!

06 May

SIZZ has been reviewed by Apple and is now available worldwide. Follow this direct iTunes download link to get SIZZ! The fine folks at The App Dojo are too busy to finish their website and if it would be up to me, they should forget about it and continue to focus on building intriguing games […]

Taxiruf 2.2 is out!

10 Feb

TAXIRUF is the first ever application released by straight2market, a company I’m investing into. Not only did it receive some great press coverage but since its first release customers have been asking us for a significant enhancement: Displaying not only phone numbers of cab stations but also their names. What might seem like a minor […]

Best RSS Feed Reader for the iPhone

07 Feb

I haven’t done many iPhone application reviews or recommendations on because there are so many other sites which do just that. Today I want to quickly point you to Feeds (link opens iTunes) which got released to the App Store the first week of January. The German App Store returns more than 100 RSS related […]

ObjectiveResource 1.0 released

06 Feb

No doubt: Apple has established a new standard in smartphone design and software. Palm, HTC and others will follow and competition is generally a good thing as it drives innovation. I’ve recently found myself participating quite regularly in discussions about the iPhone platform’s maturity. While this article is not about that topic I generally believe that part of the maturity of a platform can be derived from the available ecosystem.

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