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Is the Mac OS X Lion release actually older than the July 11 developer GM seed?

20 Jul

Today, Apple released the eagerly awaited major Mac OS X update, Mac OS X Lion. Members of the Mac Developer Program got access to a so called GM seed on July 11th. While Gold Master (GM) seeds are supposed  to be exactly like their soon-to-follow market releases, this has not always been the case in […]

iPad 2, speedy and just beautiful in white!

26 Mar

In June 2009, over at TheNextWeb, I talked about how different the iPhone 3GS felt compared to its predecessor. The post was titled “It’s all about Speed: My first weekend with the new iPhone 3GS”.

Yesterday, the second iteration of Apple’s magic tablet launched in Germany and 24 additional countries.

And boy has it been a success for Apple!

A Google search for “iPad 2 sold out” yields 1.2 million results. I (successfully) queued in front of the Apple Store in Oberhausen where the staff had to send away more than 1.000 customers as they completely sold out within an hour and a half. Here is a short YouTube video showing the moments before the re-opening.

iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot with T-Mobile Germany

10 Mar

When iOS 4.3 officially came out yesterday, my iPhone 4 told me, I should contact to enable the (long awaited) Personal Hotspot feature. Twitter and Facebook were full of German customers complaining that T-Mobile’s Service Centers didn’t have any up-to-date information on how to enable the feature. Being quite a heavy mobile user, I’m […] Revolutionizing iPad Publishing

25 Jan

Over at GrandCentrix, the last 18 months we’ve been working hard on a product, that brings iPad publishing to the mainstream: Welcome! is a completely browser based iPad publishing platform, that makes it fast and easy to distribute high-value PDF based content to the iPad. It provides companies of all sizes with a […]

No Repository Type Git in Xcode 4 Developer Preview? Here is the solution!

29 Jun

Besides all the iOS 4.0 hype and the fantastic new iPhone, what really made my day is the forthcoming new version of Apple’s IDE: Xcode 4. After all, WWDC is a Developer Conference. Innovating the essentials tools we all work with daily, is as big a part of what we should have come to expect, […]

How to reset the iPhone OS 4.0 (beta) home screen wallpaper

09 Apr

Those of you who installed the first iPhone OS 4.0 beta released just yesterday, might have changed the home screen wallpaper. One can do so via Settings > Wallpaper. Unfortunately, the nice silver metal rain drops sprinkled default wallpaper that comes with iPhone OS 4.0 beta is not yet available as a photo in the […]

Tuning my MacBook Pro by migrating to a solid state drive and keeping the built-in hard disk drive

13 Jan

I’m absolutely excited: Since I’m running my MacBook Pro with a Solid State Drive, the perceived speed has almost tippled. Snow Leopard ‘cold’ boot time is down to less than 7 seconds and applications start almost instantaneously. Even slow bootstrappers like Adobe’s Photoshop CS4 get ready within seconds. Running Windows 7 in Parallels 5 now […]

One solution for "Apple TV is not responding. Check that any firewall software running … allow communication on port 3689."

30 Dec

By now you know that I’m a huge fan of all things Apple. That said I’m running two Apple TVs in our house and love watching almost everything on demand and without commercials these days. (My wife and I just finished watching Season 2 and 3 of Heroes going for 4-5 episodes in a row […]

Why Apple Mail (Snow Leopard) fails big time.

16 Sep

Over at the increasingly famous The Next Web blog, I’ve covered my first weeks without Entourage 2008 and why I ultimately switched back to Microsoft Entourage. If you’re an Apple prosumer, I’d love to get your feedback and tips. In case you’ve got a solution for any of the issues I’m mentioning, please don’t keep […]

Using Vodafone Mobile Connect with Snow Leopard (10A432)

26 Aug

Preface: I love to get in touch with my readers. Are you on Twitter? Follow me @24z please! If you happen to be a The Next Web subscriber, you might have stumbled across my How-to-get-Snow-Leopard-early article. I’ve been running Snow Leopard for a while and the speed improvements on my MacBook Pro (one of the […]

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