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Setting up Scalr with Ubuntu 12.04 Server and Predis

08 Feb

Part of my work at acceleract is to build highly scalable web applications – mostly driving RESTful APIs for mobile clients these days.

The infrastructure powering these scalable PHP applications can get quite complex. For example, for a current client I’m running two load balancers which dispatch traffic to four app servers each using a powerful master-slave MySQL cluster and four master-slave Redis Key/Value stores for fast delivery of in-memory hashes. For all of this, I currently mostly use Ubuntu 12.04 server.

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Setting Gmail as default mailto link handler in Chrome 24+

26 Jan

I’m a Gmail addict. We run our company email on it. All my personal mail has been based on it for years. Lately, I got annoyed that whenever clicking a mailto: link anywhere on the Web, Apple Mail launched.

Now, Apple Mail likely is the worst email client ever written and – frankly – using Gmail with anything else than the Web based interface is just plain stupid from a productivity standpoint, so I really had to force my Mac to open mailto: links in Google Chrome.

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Setting up Slim PHP Framework with Twig templating

17 Jan

Recently, I migrated one of my Facebook Canvas apps to the Slim Framework and Twig templating.

Unfortunately, the Slim documentation is… very slim… so I ran into some trouble with the paths and how to include everything to make it work. Most of the suggested solutions I found via Google where either outdated or not working.

To save you the hassle, here is how I made it work.

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Using instant Gmail aliases to track sources of inbox spam

15 Jan

It is a surprisingly little known fact that Gmail and Google Apps for Businesses customers can use instant aliases to better track potential spam mail originating from singing up for (free) services.

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Plugins I use to secure my WordPress install

12 Jan

A couple of my posts have reached thousands of users. Lately, my iPhone 5 to Nexus 4 switch got republished by GIZMODO, picked up by ReadWriteWeb and CNET News.

With increased popularity comes increased risk.

Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Malware, formerly, runs on the most current version of WordPress. However, it’s not a fresh install. Instead, I started the site quite a few years ago, so the current version is one of many updates I’ve applied over those years.

Recently, some of my audience over on Google+ pointed out, that their AVG ThreatLab based anti virus tool flagged as potentially infected with a backdoor virus. Interestingly, though Google’s Safe Browsing diagnostic page did not indicate any issues (and still does not), they were right. My in-depth checks with Sucuri’s SiteCheck indicated quite a couple of JavaScript and PHP files, that had been altered.

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Need your Opinion

12 Jan
12/01/2013’s redesign is in full motion. I need your feedback!

Hangout On Air Equipment

12 Jan

Today, my updated Hangout On Air Equipment arrived. Thanks for the heads up to Gunnar Sohn.

Hangout on Air: Following up on the Nexus 4 Switch

10 Jan

German journalist Gunnar Sohn asked me for an interview via Google Hangout On Air for his popular German blog Ich sag mal. Here it is as a follow up on my now widespread post about switching from the iPhone 5 to Nexus 4 (in German only).

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