Unable to sign in for Hangouts with Google I/O 2013 Google+ upgrade

15 May

If you are a Google Apps for Businesses customer you might see a red error messaging stating “Unable to sign in :(” in the Hangouts sidebar, detailing:

“Hangouts has not been enabled for your account. Please contact your administrator to enable this service.”

To get rid of it, in the classical admin panel to to Settings > Talk and activate the feature called “Enable the new Hangouts for messaging and video calls”.

The Google+ help might wrongly point you to the Services > Google+ section. I hope this helps others stopping the frustration. If you want to stay in touch, I’m on Google+.

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  1. Luis Dodero says:

    Thanks for this! It’s actually a bit different in the new interface, but Google is wrong in their instructions on this as well. It goes as follows:


    Other google services

    settings for Google +


    Select the user

    Click on “X Google Apps enabled”

    Click on “Talk”

    Click “sharing settings”

    Enable the new hangouts for users in this organizational unit.

  2. ralf says:

    Thanks for your feedback, very well appreciated!

  3. Marcus says:

    Luis Dodero, you sir are amazing. Thank you


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