Bookmark the correct Google+ account with Google multi sign-in

30 Nov

If you are like me, you might have multiple Google / Gmail / Google+ accounts.

Google made things more complicated by initially deciding to force the use of accounts for Google+, leaving all Google Apps customers with custom domains out in the cold. In case your employer is a Google Enterprise Apps customer, you might very well have at least three Google accounts – like me.

While Google supports multi sign-in for quite a while, I ran into a problem trying to bookmark a link to Google+. The way the system is designed, it always uses the account you’ve first signed into as your primary one. That happens to be the one I use professionally, but not the one, my Google+ profile is linked to.

Turns out, there is a simple solution:

Back in August, Google quietly launched Account Chooser, which you find at Mine looks like this with the red numbers added by me:

To bookmark a link to a specific Google+ account, you simply use<account number>/ – so if I want to bookmark the mail@ Google+ profile, I would use Please note, that the trailing slash is important.

For this to work, it is key that in case you ever sign out (or the cookies expire), you sign back in the exact same order.

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