Hi there at Path, please get more responsive and fix your issues with Facebook.

11 Dec

Path 2.0, the smart journal app for iOS and Android phones has been praised a lot after its first complete reincarnation in late November.

I also agree with everything Erik says about the app over on TechCrunch, rewarding it with two “Flys” (watch the video for the complete review). With more than $11.0M in funding and a rejected $100+ Million acquisition offer from Google, the Path team must be pretty confident.

One thing though bothers me: As a company, Path seems to be relatively unresponsive if not even antisocial.

As an example, last week Path faced some serious service outages causing journal entries, photos and comments to vanish. No word about it on the very polished Path blog. Communication through the @Path Twitter account regarding the issue has been pretty limited, too.

It really gets worse when it comes to Path for iOS ongoing issues with cross-posting to Facebook (find a solution below). The wall on Path’ official Facebook page already reads like a complaint center. And not a single response from anybody over at Path. Twitter is full with users experiencing the same issues.

When I sent out a tweet about the broken Facebook integration last week, Danny Trinh, a designer working for Path immediately responded just to disappear again a few tweets later. Did he get muzzled by some official product marketing folks?

With Path playing in the field of social media and applications, the company should urgently become more responsive to its users. Running a Facebook page and a Twitter service account (@PathService) means you’ve got to make sure that your company embraces social at its core. Currently, from the outside it doesn’t feel like that with Path.

Now, if Path on your iPhone has stopped working with Facebook, here is what you should do:

  • Uninstall Path on your iPhone.
  • Uninstall Facebook on your iPhone.
  • Uninstall Facebook Messenger on your iPhone. (This is essential. If you only uninstall the main Facebook app, the fix will not work!)
  • Press and hold the Home and Power button until your iPhone reboots. This makes sure that iOS clears all cached data.
  • Reinstall the Facebook app. Do not launch the app, yet. Stay logged out.
  • Reinstall the Path app.
  • Visit your Facebook account from a PC/Mac (= no mobile browser). Go to Account Settings > Apps. Find the Path app and completely remove it from your Facebook account.
  • Launch the Path iPhone app and sign in.
  • Add Friends and chose Facebook as the source.
  • This should start the re-authorization with Facebook.
  • At any time, reinstall Facebook Messenger on your iPhone.

I hope this helps. And maybe somebody from Path will pick it up and cross-post it to all of the various outlets, that the company is so unresponsive with these days.

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