Google+ vanity URLs are here – and they do not start with

05 Jul

It hasn’t taken long for some third parties to build services on top of Google’s new social network, Google+.

The folks who brought us TwitterCounter, have started Google+ Statistics and somebody else offers the redirect service. From discussions I’ve followed over at the network I’ve learned, that some users initially thought, was an original Google initiative. Well, it is not.

Also, given that there is no disclaimer and no imprint whatsoever on the website, I’m holding back at the moment.

It seems to be a little known fact, that every Google+ user already has sort of a vanity URL.

For example, the URL showing up for my profile in my browser is and that’s the one I’ve referenced in other places.

However, turns out that my Google Profile address – the one I’ve had for years – does work, too. So the shorter and speaking pointer to me on Google+ is:

By default, it links to your posts tab. You can, however, attach whatever works on the longer version and it’ll work here, too. So will link to my about tab.

ralf.rottmann is the username associated with my Google account. It’s the part prefixing the

Before you sign up for the next suspicious Google+ vanity URL service, you might consider just using what Google has already built for you! It’s easier to remember, will be reliable as long as Google keeps up the service and likely even fits on your business card.

If you want to read more about Google’s exciting new service, just put me into one of your circles.

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  1. GaryP says:

    I am not too worried about the vanity url – you do not provide them with your password or anything else. They simply do a 301 redirect to your google page. is much shorter & easier to give out than
    or I could just use: :)

  2. Dr. Brad Semp says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Ralf. is much easier than the long digit profile. Will Google Plus Counter work if someone submits the “vanity URL” to their profile? Just curious.

    Dr. Brad Semp

  3. Randolf says:

    This is only true if someone did already set up his profile URL back in buzz times. If you got your Gmail later your URL won’t work and you need to get a different short-URL like I do:


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