Confirmed: Google+ iOS app is awaiting approval from Apple!

04 Jul

Today, Google’s own Erica joy has confirmed, that the iOS app has in fact been submitted to Apple for review some time ago. It is now stuck in review and waiting for approval. Erica actually posted it to the public on the Google+ network itself:

While her initial post related to the iPhone she clarified, that it’ll likely be a universal app, one that runs on the iPad and iPhone: “Sorry, even though I have an iPad and not an iPhone, I always call iOS apps “iPhone apps”. I’m sure its something to do with conditioning.”

Google+ has been available as an Android app since it launched for a very limited field trial earlier this week. It works pretty well in Mobile Safari but some features are limited or not exactly optimized for an iOS audience.

Hopefully, Apple will approve Google+ for iOS rather soon.

I frequently discuss Google+ related stuff on the network, so if you want to check it out, here’s a link to my public posts. (You don’t have to be a Google+ member to follow those.)

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