Reworking social features… done!

02 Jun

So much is going on in the Social Media & Networks world that it’s sometimes hard to keep up.

I’ve taken today’s bank holiday here in Germany to rework all the social features available on 24100.NET and its German sister site. I’ve completely removed TweetMeme integration, as stats indicated not so many readers are using it anyway. Also, you can no longer amplify posts straight from the title.

Instead, I’ve added Google’s +1 button (2) which just launched a day ago. In addition, you now have the option to follow me on Twitter with just one click (1). The TweetMeme button has been replaced with the official Tweet Web Intend (3) straight from Twitter Inc.

Finally, as I currently consider Empire Avenue the best tool to measure social media reach, I dedicated a pretty prominent part of 24100.NET to showing my ticker symbol (4).

I’m keeping Facebook comment integration alongside the native comments. While many have criticized Facebook comments as just another attempt of the company to take over the Web, I actually find it pretty useful as it takes the discussion to where many of my readers expand their social activities.

Last but not least I’ve fixed a long standing Open Graph related bug, that prevented 24100.NET posts from showing up nicely on Facebook.

I hope you like the more cleaned up social features. If you haven’t done so, go ahead follow me, Tweet this post and +1 it on Google!

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