Misa Textures for Minecraft 1.4 Beta

01 Apr

If you haven’t been living under a rock and like casual gaming, you might be a Minecraft player, too.

Recently, the game got updated to version 1.4.

Now, the build-in textures are pretty basic. That’s why many players patch their Minecraft binaries to run with Misa’s 64 HD textures, a third party texture pack that is not officially supported, but greatly enhances the game.

These textures have not been created by myself. I’m just a regular Minecraft user loving the work and effort Misa has put into these. So, full credits go out to Misa!

The community forums over at Minecraft can get pretty spamy with now well over six million registered players, so I’ve taken the liberty to provide direct access to the texture pack and the tool to patch Minecraft 1.4 (Windows/Mac).

I provide a mirror to the files for free, as a courtesy to the Minecraft community. I found the original links to be quite unstable under heavy load.

Installation instructions outlined here are still valid. (This links back to Misa’s original thread, which gets updated whenever a new version gets releases. So check it out frequently!)

I hope you enjoy it! If you do, why don’t you hit the little tweet button at the top of this post, or like it on facebook (below)?


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