TestFlight and In House / Enterprise IPA support

24 Mar

If you’re an iOS developer and haven’t been living under a rock, you might already love TestFlight.

In short, TestFlight dramatically simplifies the entire process of sending out test builds to your customers, partners and colleagues. Not only that, it also provides fantastic means of tracking installs and collecting feedback. If you really do not use TestFlight, yet, hop over now and register. It’s free.

One question, that I’ve seen asked many times is, whether TestFlight supports Enterprise builds. Quick answer: Not yet. It’s comming.

A little bit of background: Apple supports two kinds of iOS Developer Programs, Standard and Enterprise.

As a member of the Standard program, in order to distribute beta builds, you have to create Ad Hoc profiles and digitally sign your binaries with it. This ties the binary to a limited number of devices, identified by their unique IDs.

In addition to Ad Hoc code signing, the Enterprise program gives you In House profiles. Other than Ad Hoc, In House profiles are not tied to specific devices. Everybody who can get a hold of an In House signed binary, can install it. The device doesn’t need to be known upfront.

Currently, TestFlight is optimized for handling Ad Hoc builds, only. When you try to upload an In House signed build, you get this little message:

I’ve reached out to the folks at TestFlight and asked for a specific date. Haven’t heard back, yet. Once I get the info, I’ll update this post.

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  1. Muzammil says:

    Enterprise is now working with Test flight :)


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