Calling all iOS devs: Join our Facebook group!

08 Mar

This is a pretty short post.

A couple of months ago, on the day Facebook introduced its new Groups, I’ve started the iOS Developers community over there.

For me, it has now become a very valuable source to get in touch with fellow iOS developer peers from all over the world. We’ve also started to craft a couple of documents, pointing to open source frameworks and other resources that make our daily Objective-C lives easier.

Some folks messaged me that they don’t consider Facebook anything serious and pointed me to Apple’s Developer Forums and other existing sources.

And while I appreciate those other places – and use many of them myself – I still think it’s a good thing to connect with other iOS devs via Facebook. Seeing new tricks as part of my Facebook timeline has proven valuable more than once.

As many of my friends, I don’t strictly separate my professional from my private life. I love what I do for a living and both worlds are pretty much intertwined. I consider this a great privilege!

So without further ado and in sort of a blunt self promotion, if you’re in iOS development, why don’t you join our great community on Facebook?


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