Waiting for the Nexus One

06 Jan

Thanks to my friend Zee in the United Kingdom, my Nexus One is almost on its way.

There seems to be no ‘Germany’ on Google’s Maps (did you notice the wordplay?). Anyway, the Nexus One will arrive unlocked and without a SIM Card very soon.

The long wait has begun.

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  1. Vibhor Goyal says:

    Cool, would be looking forward to your review. Meanwhile I can read the email address you are trying to hide :p

  2. Kai Hawaii says:

    Its great to see you are always on the edge of technology,
    also i enjoyed reading about your great virtual housekeeping project.
    have fun (hopefully) with the nexus one, although its not an iphone “killer”
    it sure will be a nice companion and i am expecting great software updates
    for it,too.


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