Using Vodafone Mobile Connect with Snow Leopard (10A432)

26 Aug

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If you happen to be a The Next Web subscriber, you might have stumbled across my How-to-get-Snow-Leopard-early article. I’ve been running Snow Leopard for a while and the speed improvements on my MacBook Pro (one of the latest unibody models) alone are a reason to upgrade every one of my iMacs within the next two days.

While 99% of my software library has always been working fine for all previous updates, I regularly ran into severe issues with Vodafone’s Mobile Connect hard- and software. As far as I am concerned Vodafone Germany never managed to get out a software update in time. In fact, I occasionally had to wait for 8-12 weeks until I could use my UMTS modem on a new operating system. For a corporation which claims to always be at the edge of technology it’s a shame.

And again, my Vodafone Mobile Connect card did not work on Snow Leopard. It started with obscure error message during install and ended with the device not being found.

Twitter tipster @svhennig pointed me to the solution:

The Austrian A1 website offers a version of the “Mac OS Dashboard Software” which works absolutely perfect on Snow Leopard. Though the system requirements state “Leopard 10.5.0 – 10.5.6” I can confirm Version (14,6 MB) is fully working on 10A432 with Vodafone Germany. This is the direct download link. (Version seems to be available, too. I did not try it. In case you’ve been successful, please leave a comment.)

Thanks to Sven sharing the link. Hope it helps others, too.

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  1. edziardo says:

    I’m using a different provider (Telkomsel) and it’s not on the provider list when I install the app. I wonder if there’s any way to use this app for my provider (the app deny to connect).

  2. edziardo says:

    Oh. never mind, I just figured that by myself.

  3. Dr Trevor J. Hutley says:

    My old Vodafone Mobile Connect did not work under Snow Leopard.
    Vodafone UK said there was nothing they could do about it….
    I downloaded Vodafone Mobile Broadband – version – as you suggested, and it works perfectly !
    Many thanks. I really appreciate it.
    regards, Trevor

  4. Junky says:

    Die VDF Software arbeitet nicht mit Option Cards zusammen und auch mehrere andere Geräte werden nicht unterstützt. Bitte den Beitrag etwas differenzieren, sonst schießen sich PC-Cards User ihre Systeme ab und müssen nach dem Einstecken der Karte ständig mit Abstürzen leben!

  5. Martin Baker says:

    Fantastic, thanks for this. Certainly the newer release does NOT work on my MBP with E172. However the release works absolutely fine.

  6. juantxu3 says:

    It work with vodafone spain, the version older.

  7. novody says:

    I can confirm Version works fine in Snow Leopard with Vodafone K3715.

  8. Dominic Cameron says:

    Following a post at Vodafone forum

    Vodafone UK tech support are now assisting. Driver installed for K3760 and working, but it is not fully tested/supported version. Track that forum for updates if you want to get alerted for the working release of VMB.

  9. macosmo says:

    It works only with 32bit kernel. If u boot snow leopard with 64bit kernel it doesn’t work! :(((

  10. macosmo says:

    i’ve tried just the release…

  11. Roy Tomeij says:

    The above didn’t help to get my Vodafone E3730 Express Card (with Vodafone “Mobile Connect”). But… this did: !

  12. Andrea Denaro says:

    Regarding USB stick Qualcomm K3760, here how to solve the crash problem:

  13. DaveLea says:

    Installed 3.04.01 on 10.6.1 (10B504) using E272 ‘pebble’ – managed to get it working after reboot and disconnecting/reconneting modem – many thanks for the steer…..


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