In case your Facebook FriendFeed application stopped posting to your Wall

13 Jun

fbff-logoOne of the applications I’m using over at Facebook is FriendFeed. Besides the ability to show your livestream in a profile box, it automatically cross posts FriendFeed content to your Facebook Wall, thus driving more traffic to your relevant content.

I’ve noticed that occasionally the FriendFeed application stopped working. Not entirely, but it stopped publishing FriendFeed posts to my Wall.

This is not officially documented but what did the trick for me is to explicitly  (re-) grant offline access to the FriendFeed application. In case you are experiencing similar issues, try doing the same by visiting this application setting page while being logged into Facebook.

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  1. d says:

    is the friendfeed app publishing “one line stories” to your wall, or are they showing up in “short story” mode? I’ve seen both on various wall’s, and had it running them correctly in short story mode at one point, but when I uninstalled and reinstalled the app – it was history. Any experience you can share with this would be appreciated!


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