Watch out the App Store for SIZZ!

06 May

SIZZ has been reviewed by Apple and is now available worldwide. Follow this direct iTunes download link to get SIZZ!

The fine folks at The App Dojo are too busy to finish their website and if it would be up to me, they should forget about it and continue to focus on building intriguing games for the iPhone and other mobile gaming platforms.

I’ve had the pleasure to test drive an early version of SIZZ, their upcoming debut title for the iPhone and iPod touch. Being pretty much a casual gamer I loved Iconfactoy’s Frenzic and the now world-famous Trism by demiforce.

SIZZ is my personal new favorite!

I’ve rolled out the preview version to my entire family and we all became immediate SIZZ fans.


The game has all the ingredients which lets it easily stand in line with Frenzic and Trism:

Great Visuals

The App Dojo has done a great job in working out detailed graphics, smooth animations and an overall extremely polished look. In a mixture between the arcade style games of the 80’s and the modern, glossy look that we’ve all come so used to SIZZ delivers a pleasant, eye-pleasing overall user experience.

Simple and extremely Addictive Game Play

In SIZZ you’ve got to close path by placing and rotating tiles. The more you progress the more complex the tiles get and, of course, you constantly get less time to make your decisions. Most of the games that fall into the puzzle/Tetris category share an overall simplistic basic game idea. Many titles I’ve seen for the iPhone fail to deliver a great gaming experience. SIZZ is a fantastic exception: The fundamental game concept is based on a real-world board game, envisioned years ago by SIZZ’ graphic designer Peter Dahmen. The App Dojo’s Sascha Sigges has done an outstanding job in transferring this concept to the iPhone platform and giving it its unique ascetics and a high-performance game engine.

20 Preview Invites

The App Dojo is offering 20 readers to get access to the preview version while SIZZ is being reviewed by Apple. Simply use the Contact link at the top to let me know you’re interested and I’ll make sure you get a fresh copy of SIZZ right from the source.

SIZZ is currently under Apple’s review. We’re going to update this post once it becomes available for purchase. The App Store price will be 1.99 US$.

SIZZ for the iPhone

SIZZ for the iPhone

SIZZ for the iPhone

SIZZ for the iPhone

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  1. Steve Howard says:

    Wow! Screens look impressive and promising. This really is there debut? Could be a killer game if it works like the screens imply. Eagerly waiting for the App Store release. Thanks for pointing this out, Ralf.

  2. The App Dojo says:

    Thank you for your brilliant words! We really feel honored by your article :)

    SIZZ is available, now.


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