Downgrading & unlocking iPhone OS 3.0 (updated)

18 Mar

Just a quick note with more details in a few hours:

Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 Beta pre-installation advisory document states that once you’ve updated a device it’ll be in a “locked state” with no way of going back to an earlier firmware.

While this might be perfectly true for regular iPhones it has not been the case for one of my first generation development devices. I’ve been able to do the following:

  • Restore (not update!) to Beta 3.0
  • Downgrade by restoring back to 2.0 via iTunes
  • Jailbreak and unlock by using QuickPwn to custom 2.0 built
  • Update  (not restore) to Beta 3.0

This particular device is now running perfectly on the Beta 3.0 release with unlock working fine – Cydia and Installer are obviously gone, as it has always been the case when applying updates.

To avoid confusion: I’m not aware of any solution, yet, that allows to jailbreak/unlock an iPhone running the current beta of OS 3.0. I did the following: I restored a first generation (not the 3G!) iPhone to the default Apple Firmware 2.0. I then used QuickPwn on a Mac to jailbreak and unlock. This gives me an unlocked iPhone 2G with Firmware 2.0. I then updated to the regular 3.0 Beta via iTunes.

The unlock is preserved, so the update seems to not wipe the modifications done on the 2.0 version. Effectively I’ve now got an unlocked iPhone 2G running OS 3.0 Beta. Cydia and Installer are gone (always happens during updates) but jailbroken apps still run!

Important Note:

Everybody: While it might be legal, I cannot actively support people buying iPhone Dev Portal UUID registrations through my web site. :-)

I’d therefore kindly ask to not submit any new comments related to paying others for getting registered to their iPhone Dev Programs.

I leave comment moderation turned off for the moment but will clear all future comments which do not obey this rule. Had to turn comment moderation on because some readers could not resist to continue to post UUID adding offerings. Sorry. Once everybody has calmed down, I’ll switch it off again.

Hope this clarifies things.

Note: I generally do not encourage jailbreaks or endorse unlocking hacks. I run one of my development devices jailbroken and unlocked in order to make sure, that my App Store software works on these modified devices, too.

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  1. luke says:

    I am using a different sim card, one that has not been agreed with apple. I am just wondering, I have join the developer site and paid the $99. Now waiting for my access code. once i get it do you think everything will be ok or would i need to use it with a valid sim card? I’ll be more than happy to give a few access to my slots. […]

    Edited to apply to our “don’t sell iPhone Dev Program slots”-policy!

  2. tien says:

    please looked here “How to install your iPhone 3.0 OS beta on your 2G device’

  3. C. Lonie says:

    3.0 MMS and tethering is working here … UK on O2… If you need help getting these services working please let me know …

  4. Matt says:

    Im registered on the Iphone developer program and i have downloaded the relevant files.

    Is there anyway of using my windows vista based pc to install the new updates onto my iphone?
    or does it have to be a mac?


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