Building 2.x apps on iPhone OS 3.0 beta

18 Mar

Quick note: If you wonder whether you can run/test iPhone 2.x apps on a device upgraded to the current 3.0 beta, I’d say you can.

I’ve upgraded one of our 2G models from 2.0 to 3.0 beta. Rebuilding our projects with the updated SDK and Xcode with a “Device 2.2 – Release” configuration worked like a charm, including the debugger functionality.

What we did notice though is that lots of apps we’ve downloaded from the App Store do crash on 3.0 beta. Seems as if they need to be re-built.

Be aware though: While it is possible to compile 2.2 applications with the new version of Xcode that gets installed with 3.0, Apple has specifically requested that developers not use that version of Xcode for compiling apps to go on the App Store.

Looking for what you’ve experienced in the comments.

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  1. Daniel Isidro says:

    The problem I see is whether we will be able to submit our compiled 2.2 apps to the App Store with the new SDK 3.0. I only have one iPhone 3G and it seems I’ll have to wait until this summer to test the new SDK 3.0 as I have to be able to update my in-production 2.2 apps.

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Rich says:


    You can install multiple versions of XCode. If you still have a copy of the 2.2 SDK, just install it, and select a new location for the Developer Essentials.

    i.e by default, XCode installs in /Developer
    Just create a folder called say XCode 3.1.2 and install it there.
    XCode app will be in the ‘Applications’ subfolder so you can easily create an alias to the different versions of XCode.

    When it comes to submitting your 2.2 app, remember to select the correct SDK in the Target, and be sure to use XCode 3.1.2 for now.

    Hope this helps


  3. Nick Fogelson says:

    Theoretically 2.2 apps shouldn’t crash under 3.0…

    but lots of them do. I’m not entirely sure why, since all the 2.2 APIs should be in 3.0. They seem to crash intermittently, like maybe their getting memory warnings and crashing that way. Sometimes restarting the iPhone gets those apps working again, other times not.


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