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03 Feb

Welcome back to the third iteration of 24100.net – my personal blog and Internet home. If you came here, you’ve probably been around for a while. Beginning in 2009 I’ve started to consolidate my various online presences. The primary driver for this effort has been to achieve a better separation of the more private and technically detailed content from my business focused articles.

I also wanted to get rid of what over time has become kind of a “platform zoo”. The parallel use of Textpattern, Subtext and Typepad has become a bit of a pain lately, though Ecto – an offline blog publishing solution for the Mac – helped streamlining the process. I’ve decided to unify everything on WordPress. It has been around for a couple of years and I occasionally installed it to see how things are going. Last December I did another check and found that WordPress has matured a lot and addresses most of my requirements right out-of-the-box.

Last but not least all articles here will be in English only. The majority of my subscribers, followers, fellows and friends are from other countries than Germany. Google Analytics provides some great insight as to the regional distribution of my visitors and more than 85% do not speak German.

A couple of words to names, URLs and what will happen to my “old” articles:

My blog has always been available at www.24100.net. However, due to technical limitations imposed by my ASP.NET hoster, I had to redirect to another address (www.talentgrouplabs.com/blog). This situation has been less than ideal for a long time but I really couldn’t do anything to resolve it. The good thing is that was has been a disadvantage for so long comes in very handy now: As all of the direct links to previous posts are pointing to http://www.talentgrouplabs.com/blog/<post title here> they are not going to break.

Also search engine listings to old posts will continue to work, too.

Taken together this means:

  • My personal blog, the one you’re currently reading, will be available at www.24100.net.
  • My corporate blog is available at blog.acceleract.com.
  • www.talentgrouplabs.com/blog is frozen as of now. I’m not going to add any new posts. Comments will be closed. It’ll essentially become a read-only site.
  • The most favorite posts from the old site will be duplicated and copied over to this place. I’ll preserve the original date/time of publication.

This has all come a long way. Social Media is receiving more and more traction these days and I’m happy to having you here. Thanks!

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  1. Michele Martel says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog I am a family oriented person and your info will come in handy Thanks Michele


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