That's why I love the iPhone OS

13 Feb

Google’s Android powered phones have been foreseen to being many things. iPhone competitors for example. Well, only time will show.

Yesterday I ran across a ReadWriteWeb article titled “Android Vulnerability So Dangerous, Owners Warned Not to Use Phone’s Web Browser: Updated”. In pretty good depth it discusses a new vulnerability. Here is one central quote:

Over the weekend at the Schmoocon hacker conference in Washington D.C., security researcher Charlie Miller presented a new vulnerability in Google’s mobile OS Android which allows hackers to remotely take control of the phone’s web browser and related processes. If a phone became compromised, the hackers could gain access to the saved credentials stored in the browser and browser history. They could also snoop on your web transactions, even if encrypted.

(emphasizes by me)

Uups, that’s a bad one. Security companies are already announcing anti-malware suites for Android.

Yes, I am biased. Yes, I’m an Apple addict. Apple’s closed-shop policies might not be the best, but you know what, I rather like to go with an Apple controlled mobile phone software market than having to install Symantec’s AntiVirus on my mobile phone. :-)

You might want to check out the full story yourself.

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