Things in life change

01 Feb

Things in life change.

This is true for presidentsmobile telephonesthe universe and life. After more than four consecutive years of successful growth and the recent acquisition of our spin-off by Alcatel-Lucent/Genesys I’ve decided to withdraw from my daily operational job at VoicInt Telecommunications. As a loyal shareholder I’ll remain very grateful to the company and stay in touch from a healthy distance to accompany its future evolution. VoicInt has become a software vendor with an exciting future and I’m happy that we were able to build a strong new management team from its existing employees. I’m sure they will continue to further drive VoicInt’s positive development.

Taking a startup from incorporation to crossing the chasm is such a grateful task and I’m really thankful that I could play such a vital role in this process at VoicInt Telecommunications.

I’ve incorporated acceleract GmbH which will serve as my own holding for the next entrepreneural adventures I’m starting. acceleract GmbH will allow me to invest into and partner with businesses that share my passion for innovative technologies that make our lives more easy and comfortable. acceleract GmbH predominantly will hold the shares of VoicInt Telecommunications, straight2market and soon-to-be-disclosed other partners.

Operationally I’m going to help straight2market to become the leading management resulting company for go-to-market strategies and profitable product sales engagements. straight2market’s mobile marketing arm has already been cited by TechCrunch and several other important technology blogs for the outstanding applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, so we are pretty much on track here :-) .

We’ve incorporated straight2market in early 2008. The one thing I like most about creating and growing businesses is that it allows me to work closely and creatively with extremely gifted and dedicated teams. I’m glad that we could win Karl-Heinz Land – which Time Magazine considers to be “a tech pioneer that’s changing our lives in amazing new ways” – as being our chairman. I’m looking forward to working closely together with two of my friends, Roland Freygang and Martin Willnow, who have been such a tremendous source of inspiration over the years and are among the best sales people I’ve been working with.

I’m eager to get in touch with everybody who values integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, mutual respect and has a passion for technology. If you want to get in touch here are a variety of classical and Web 2.0 options:

With that said, I’m extremely excited and amazed in light of 2009 with so much new things to come!

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for your continuous loyalty. Let’s go for an amazing, exciting and new 2009!

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  1. Marc Alexander says:


    I seem to recall you wrote an excellent article on moving your day to day computing from Windows to a Mac. I can’t find the text, can please send me a link? Much, much appreciated.

    – Marc –


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