ObjectiveResource 1.0 released

06 Feb

No doubt: Apple has established a new standard in smartphone design and software. Palm, HTC and others will follow and competition is generally a good thing as it drives innovation. I’ve recently found myself participating quite regularly in discussions about the iPhone platform’s maturity. While this article is not about that topic I generally believe that part of the maturity of a platform can be derived from the available ecosystem.

Without any question the App Store has outperformed any other platform’s offering targeted at mobile software distribution in terms of active developers, number of downloads, purchases and end-user acceptance and ease of use.

As a developer who started with the very first beta release of the iPhone SDK and strict SDK policies in place, I’m really happy to seeing that more and more frameworks for the iPhone get released.

Y|Factorial yesterday released ObjectiveResources v1.0 It basically is an Objective-C (the language native iPhone apps are written in) port of the well-known Ruby on Rails’ ActiveResource.

With ObjectiveResource consuming RESTful web-services that return XML or JSON responses, published by many Rails applications, is extremely simple.

The Y|Factorial people created a dedicated site for all things related to ObjectiveResource. I’ve just started to check it out and so far everything works as “advertised”. Go check it out if you’re working on an iPhone app that will be connected, needs offline syncing capabilities and you’re going for Web Services based back-end communication.

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