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11 Feb

What a fantastic post title!

With all the buzz about Amazon’s Kindle 2, I’m really looking forward to the date the device will be available in Germany, as I’ll very likely not go for the possible competitor, developed by German Telekom.

Besides the Kindle 2 hype O’Reilly has silently announced that the Bookworm project is now parts of O’Reilly Labs. Bookworm is an online ePub ebook reading service. Given the fact that I’ve been a happy customer of O’Reilly Safari Books Online, a service providing you with browser based access to thousands of books, and a user of Stanza, the ebook reader for the iPhone, I am extremely pleased that there is a lightweight integration between Stanza and Bookworm.

Getting your favorite books to your iPhone via Bookworm and Stanza is a straightforward process:

Buy your books in the ebook ePub format wherever you want. O’Reilly has a special buy-two get-three offering these days, so I grabbed “Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide”, “Paitning the Web” and “Hackers & Painters” from their ebook store. ePub Books has a good list of stores that feature ePub content.

Visit the Bookworm page with your PC/Mac and upload your ePub files.

Open the Bookworm page on your iPhone. You’ll see a “Read in Stanza” link. Simply click the link and Stanza will be opened. Stanza will add the ebook and you can enjoy it while you’re on the move. Adding Bookworm content to Stanza also brings the advantage that the ebooks are available offline. So be prepared before you board your next flight!

Click to enlarge any of the following screenshots:


Stanza Booklist


Bookworm in Mobile Safari


Reading on my iPhone

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