Ralf Rottmann

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Ralf Rottmann is a serial entrepreneur from Germany who sold his first company to Alcatel-Lucent in 2008.

He is a Founder and Managing Partner at grandcentrix, Germany's leading Internet of Things integrator, served on the IOTA Foundation Board of Directors and has been selected for the Digital Economy Advisory Council North Rhine-Westphalia constituted by Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart. As a Managing Partner at R13W, he invests into digital ideas.

With more than two decades of building and growing successful companies, Ralf focuses on IoT, Distributed Ledger Technologies and strategies for the connected economy.

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Founder of grandcentrix, Germany's leading Internet of Things SI. Former IOTA Foundation Board of Directors. R13W Partner. https://rottmann.net

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Ralf Rottmann
Phoenixseestrasse 18
44263 Dortmund · Germany

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